ADS Biotechnology, Ltd. is an early-stage biomedical company founded in January 2008 to pursue the commercial development of ADS4203.  The three founders, Ragheb Assaly, PhD, David Dignam, PhD, and Joseph Shapiro, MD, invented ADS4203 in response to the tragic death of a patient of Drs. Assaly and Shapiro, whose uncontrollable hypovolemia led to fatal multiorgan dysfunction.  The founders thus perfected an original technology to develop ADS4203 initially as a treatment for hypovolemia, but quickly realized the broader application for any condition that triggers capillary leak syndrome (CLS).

ADS Biotechnology’s purpose is to save lives and reduce treatment costs that otherwise result from hypovolemia and hypovolemic conditions.  Its business is to improve outcomes in hypovolemic patients by commercializing effective blood colloid technologies.

ADS Biotechnology is led by Chief Executive Officer Todd Davies, PhD, and Chief Technology Officer Joseph Shapiro, MD.  Dr. Davies is a molecular biologist who previously was a Business Development Manager in bioscience technologies for pre-seed venture capital fund Rocket Ventures.  Dr. Shapiro is board certified in nephrology and internal medicine dialysis, transplantation, hypertension, and clinical nephrology, and is a Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, and Chairman of the Department of Medicine, at the University of Toledo.  ADS’ laboratory is located at the University of Toledo’s Health Sciences Campus within Dr. Dignam’s laboratory.

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